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Situated learning platform Virtual patient

Your partner in training and assessing the level of training of employees

Virtual patient

This is a library of interactive educational scenarios. Where every scenario is a complete practical case.

  • Actions in an Emergency
  • Clinical case analysis
  • Choice of treatment tactics
  • Working with equipment
  • Patient diagnosis
  • Actions in emergency situations
  • Working out behavior protocols

We create medical quests

A doctor goes through different scenarios of interaction with a virtual patient on a computer or smartphone
Scenarios for interaction with a virtual patient

Look virtual
patient in action

Video of interactive scenarios in action


Scenarios are available from any device - smartphone, tablet and computer



It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete one scenario



No special hardware or software installation required

Scenarios of approaches based on described consequences, recommendations and standards
Practitioners and opinion leaders participate in the development of scenarios
The scenario simulates any situations faced by doctors, including unusual situations

How to use
Virtual patient

Pharmaceutical companies


  • Interactive support for seminars and exhibitions
  • Training for doctors, pharmacists, medical representatives
  • During a visit by a medical representative to review clinical cases
  • Gamification of communication with a doctor
  • On a thematic site for gamification of content
  • As part of a training program in pharmacy chains
  • As a landing page to retain attention after marketing activities (newsletters, bloggers, scraps)
  • In mailings to increase conversion
  • To assess the level of knowledge of doctors, pharmacists, medical representatives

View examples of situational scenarios

Medical organizations

Medical organizations

  • Assessing the level of personnel training
  • Checking knowledge of standards of medical care
  • Training of medical personnel
  • Working on communication skills with patients
  • Working with objections

View examples of situational scenarios



  • Training and attracting personnel
  • Organization of the process of providing medical care
  • Carrying out mobilization training for healthcare
  • Digitalization of the educational process
  • Digital transformation of the system of training, retraining, advanced training and assessment of personnel qualifications

View examples of situational scenarios

Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Distance training for doctors and laboratory technicians in working with equipment
  • Working out scenarios for interaction with various patients, including those with non-standard parameters and contraindications caused by various diseases
  • Training to work with various types of consumables
  • Demonstration of equipment during events - seminars, round tables, webinars

View examples of situational scenarios



  • New interactive teaching methods
  • Interactive support for lectures, round tables, educational courses
  • Development of management skills in medicine through solving practical problems
  • Dissemination of best practices in research and educational activities
  • Involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in research activities
  • Personalization of the learning process
  • Training in the principles of medical service and patient-centeredness
  • Training management decision-making skills
  • Patient routing management training

View examples of situational scenarios



  • Advanced training and additional professional education
  • Training to work with medical equipment using computer emulation
  • Training to work with various medical programs
  • Working on communication skills with patients
  • Working with objections
  • Preparation for passing qualifying tests

View examples of situational scenarios

Benefits of situational learning




Situational learning allows you to apply theoretical knowledge to problem solving. This approach complements academic education and provides practical insight into processes.

Interactive format

Interactive format

Provides increased efficiency in learning material due to high emotional involvement and active participation of students

Specific Skills

Specific Skills

The emphasis in training is on developing decision-making skills. Technology makes it possible to improve the practices developed by professionals in a real work environment.

Full immersion in the situation

Full immersion in the situation

The cases have a main character, on whose behalf the interactive participants solve the problem

Possibility of interaction
with scripts on different platforms

On the mPro platform

На платформе mPro

app on a phone or computer

application on a phone or computer

On the Customer's website

On the Customer's website
The system checks the correctness of the actions and produces the result. Issues appropriate recommendations.
  • by QR code
  • from a website or landing page
  • link in messenger or email
The system checks the correctness of the actions and produces the result. If necessary, issues appropriate recommendations.


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